13/11/2017 Sparkle and Shine

By trains and planes, at length Wear here.
Riverside studios, it’s Sugartime!
Warmth and creativity dancing in the air.
Born of our hosts’ wide smiles and bopping shoulders.
Such that even sibling squabbling soothed.
Or one of them at least.
And they’re off.
From hey heys to oo waas.
Through drum battles.
And they’re doing it!
Via drones and growls and emergency trombone.
Earworms wriggling in negative space and seeing just fine.
They might you know!
Finding time for a culinary tour of the world, a wedding and trips to the library.
Ahhh it’s getting tight!
The charidy shop sweep will have to wait.
And it’s done!
Ten songs in five days.
Satisfied grins and big hugs.
Truly, Miss Christine. We did live our dreams!


26/08/2017 Annie’s, Omagh, NI

Breakfast with the Robinson’s.
Plenty fair, home prepared, delivered with love and care and craic.
Painted curbs and bunting for it’s summer and the drums pound and the parades are on the march.
Seal matey and frisbee tekkers on the beaches of castlerock.
Small Town America. The crib of Nel and many an other, swollen in paternal pride.
Annie’s doors open to all and all states of consciousness welcome.
Awkward English silences noted for their absence.
I’ve to meet a shy Irishman yet.
“I know you boy!”
He didn’t.
But he gave us a big cuddle anyway and off he shuffled.